so-q I needed help with my mother who no longer could stay at home alone. She had fallen and had trouble walking. I moved her in with me so I could take care of her at night and I needed the help of Professional Sitters to help out while I went to work during the day. Professional Sitters came in with a CNA at 7:00 am and stayed until 5:00 PM when I returned home for the day. Thanks to Professional Sitters, my mother did not have to go to a nursing home. Professional Sitters got my mother up for the day, saw to her personal needs, and fixed all her meals. sc-q
- Rosemary K., Farly, MO

so-q My mother was told she had cancer and had to take chemotherapy. She was very weak. My father wanted to do everything for her but he was getting tired. Professional Sitters came each morning for four hours to give us a break. They cooked for her, fed her, and provided the companionship she needed during this difficult time. sc-q
- Kathy B., Lawrence, KS

so-q My mother began to lose her memory and sometimes would walk away from home - unable to find her way back. I did not want her in a nursing home. Professional Sitters has trained CNA caregivers who have experience on how to work with people like my mother. Thank you, Professional Sitters Home Health. sc-q
- Grace B., Lawrence, KS

so-q Our father had been an independent person all his life. When he became ill we knew he must receive in- home care. We used Professional Sitters because they gave us twenty-four hour coverage, seven days a week. sc-q
- Howard B., Leavenworth, KS

so-q I lived in a different state from my mother. She was getting to the age where she did not want to stay alone at night. We called Professional Sitters and they sent someone in seven nights a week. When my mother felt she needed more help we increased our coverage to twenty-four hours. Professional Sitters made sure that my mother kept all of her doctor appointments and kept me informed at all times about her health. sc-q
- Bob W., Eudora, KS

so-q My father was sent home with hospice care because he wanted to die at home. We called Professional Sitters because we needed help from an agency who had a strong medical background. Professional Sitters worked directly with the hospice nurses and doctor to help our father. They also helped us with our feelings at this difficult time. sc-q
- Jim M., Leavenworth, KS

so-q We needed someone to come in and cook meals, do laundry and housekeeping for our aunt seven days a week. Professional Sitters has given our aunt the independence she needs to live in an independent care center with these two visits a day. sc-q
- Karla, Lawrence, KS

so-q I love my cats. When I have to be away from home I want to make sure they are taken care of. My pet sitter feels not only is she looking after the pets but also watching after my home when I am gone. They come in two times a day to feed the pets and check every room of the house. They also pick up my mail and newspaper daily. My pets are in good hands with Professional Sitters Home Health, Inc. sc-q
- Cathy H., Lawrence, KS

so-q No kennels for our dogs! Our dogs get to enjoy their own home when we cannot be there to care for them. Thanks, Professional Sitters! sc-q
- Mike and Debra C., Lawrence, KS

so-q We need a pet sitter at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Professional Sitters is there every year for our pets, our home, and us. PSU is insured and bonded, which is important to us. Our sitter met the pets and us ahead of time. We are glad to have a pet sitting service. sc-q
- Tom C., Lawrence, KS

so-q My wife and I travel a lot with our jobs. We have a dog and two cats. We wanted a pet sitting service that would take care of our pets and plants, watch our home and pick up all our mail and newspapers. It was important to us that they did not drive a car that would advertise their business to the neighbors or community and therefore communicate that we were out of town. Professional Sitters is sensitive to our privacy. sc-q
- Name withheld, Lawrence, KS

so-q I never thought I would use a child care service. I have three kids and with school and all of their activities I can't be everywhere. I registered with Professional Sitters and each time I need an extra hand I call them to send me a sitter to care for one, two or all three kids while I and my husband go out on the town. sc-q
- Pat S., Lawrence, KS

so-q I work in my home. Three days a week I have Professional Sitters Home Health come and watch my three children eight hours a day so I can work in my office uninterrupted. Its wonderful. I know all of their employees have had a criminal background check through KBI, are at least 18 years old and have been trained in CPR. sc-q
- Rose B.

so-q When school starts our family has many things to do. My husband and I work so we need someone to pick up the kids and take them to ball practice or music lessons. Professional Sitters is there when we need them. If my husband and I want to see a movie or go out to dinner we can use a sitter provided by Professional Sitters Home Health at any time- seven days a week. sc-q
- Tony & Jeff L., Lawrence, KS

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